Out of the ashes….



“Creative Commons STARTUP BULLET” by FAKEGRIMLOCK is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Having your startup fail hurts like hell. It’s one of the most stressful, self-doubt and guilt laden experiences you can imagine, and it really sucks. The disappointment in telling loved ones that all the missed personal events and time spent late in the office has amounted to nothing. The pain of letting down your team when you realise you will not be able to repay all their hard work and effort. The shame and guilt of having gotten investors to put their faith in you and here you are telling them that the journey is over. Since failing our first startup we’ve been on a new journey, but to tell you where we are now we need to retrace our steps.

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We have been working with a great team to setup a Fab Lab in Dublin. This is part of an innovation project run by Inventorium.org through NDRC on Crane Lane, Dublin 8.

Be sure to ‘Like’ them on their facebook page - Fab Lab Dublin


A special selection of Catnip Products! needless to say with some Google Adwords credit and a facebook Ad campaign testing this venture is not so high on our agenda until more market testing!

Probably better getting your cat high here: TipsyNip.com